About The Standard Mask Company

Laser Focused on Your Health

Respirators and masks are all we manufacture.
Our laser focus translates into total protection for your face and respiratory system.

Birthed from years of supporting the governmental need for reliable and robust deployable military communications technology, The Standard Mask Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of 308 Systems Inc. 308 Systems has a successful 25-year history of developing and distributing small portable satellite and radio-based communication systems to military and First Responder agencies throughout the world.

During the Covid pandemic, 308 Systems responded to our client base need for reliable and robust facial Personal Protective Equipment. Our engineers worked tirelessly to provide the highest quality and most comfortable respirators and masks available in the world. Backed by the FDA/CDC/ASTM testing results, the proprietary 308 Systems manufacturing base was then leveraged to ensure the mass production of respirators and masks exceeding all known products for filtration efficiency and end-user comfort.



fort collins, colorado